Agriculture represents one of the oldest productive activities of our country, is carried out in regions that combine topographical and climatic conditions ideal for the sowing of different crops.

In Mexico, 5.6 million Mexicans work in agricultural activities and 15.1% are women. Thanks to the efforts of many Mexicans, our country is among the main exporting countries, recognized for the quality and variety of goods generated in their land and thanks to the development of agribusiness.

Producers, suppliers of inputs such as seeds, machinery and renewable energy, will complement a comprehensive experience with advice, first-hand information and special meetings with stakeholders from the sector during the course of the Agriculture and Exports pavilion during the Mexico Alimentaria 2017 Food Show.

On a personal and professional level, visitors will discover the latest in agricultural technology, best practices and innovative products, business opportunities will be part of the experience and the satisfaction of the public.