Calidad Ganadera productos


Mexico’s livestock is a source of pride on the international stage. The production of poultry, sheep, goats, pigs, and cattle has been one of the fastest-growing activities in recent years.

Those looking for in-depth information about the world of livestock will find the Livestock pavilion at the México Alimentaria 2017 Food Show to be the best information platform about the strength of the sector.

Meat, eggs, and dairy products will have starring roles in this space dedicated to exploring and experiencing Mexico’s productive potential.

Learn the latest in rabbit breeding, beekeeping, and pig farming from experts such as producers, researchers, and other authorities on this sector.

The numbers speak for themselves and will continue to do so thanks to the timely support of protein production in our country. Quality, safety, and excellent variety are undoubtedly the added value of Mexican livestock products.

We will have a special area for livestock auctions on foot and horses, both face and virtual, in the infield of the Hipodromo. During intermissions there will be artistic presentations and charrerias. The area will be a dirt arena, place for judges, dressing rooms, grandstand for the public and giant screens, as well as an area for sale of snacks and drinks.