Competition terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

México Alimentaria 2017 Food Show

a) Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Rural Development and Food (hereinafter “SAGARPA”)
b) ADDRESS: Av. Municipio Libre 377 Col. Santa Cruz Atoyac C.P. 03310 Mexico City
c) Telephones: + 55 3871 • 1000


a) Name of the promotion: “Participate and win an iPad with Mexico Alimentaria 2017 Food Show” (hereinafter the “Dynamics”)
b) Awards:
– 5 (five) Apple iPads. The dynamics will be held on November 6 on Facebook in Mexico
Food Food Show. Only people from the City of Mexico, the metropolitan area or those who
You can collect your prize personally at the time and date indicated. For no reason, the prizes are
will send through a courier or parcel service

c) Condition of participation:
In all the dynamics, the participants should “like” the Official Fan Page of Mexico Alimentaria on Facebook, register their attendance on the page www.mé and show the screenshot of the confirmation plus the dynamics requested.


a) Validity:
The announcement of the dynamics will be published on the Facebook of Mexico Alimentaria 2017 Food Show on October 30 and will be held on November 6.

b) Location:
Official Fan Page of Mexico Alimentaria Food Show on Facebook (hereinafter the Fan Page).


1.- The participants must make the indications given for the dynamics published in Fan Page.
2.- During the validity of the dynamic, the participants should share as a comment to the publication (s) that on the occasion of the promotion, MÉXICO ALIMENTARIA FOOD SHOW in said Fan Page, the requested publication (video and record) as requested.
3.- After the participation period, the winners who have fulfilled all the requested conditions will be selected, with a direct comment on the winners’ publications.
4.- Once the information mentioned in the previous numeral has been received, the participants will receive an award confirmation as a comment in their publication, where an email will be requested to send all the prize delivery information (date, time and place) ).
5.- The participants can only be people who live in the City of Mexico and the Metropolitan Area or who can collect their prize personally. Shipping costs are not included in any case.
6.- As a condition of delivery, the winners will be asked for their voter ID -in original and copy to prove their identity.


The winners will be the 5 participants whose publication has fully complied with the requirements
requested in each publication of the Fan Page. And they will be announced on November 8, 2017. The
Prize delivery dates will be October 9, 10, 13 and 14, 2017. The place where the prize will be awarded will be
it will indicate only the winners.


1.- Promotion valid only within the City of Mexico and the Metropolitan Area, or for people who can collect their prize personally on the stipulated dates; only for Mexican people of legal age.
2.- Only the participations made during the term indicated in these Terms and Conditions will be considered valid, therefore any participation that takes place outside of said period will be null.
3.- Mexico Alimentaria Food Show reserves the right to cancel participants for behaviors that they consider contrary to the objective of the dynamic.
4.- Limited to one prize per participant that fully complies with the conditions described in the dynamic.
5.- The prize will be personal and non-transferable and will not be paid in its equivalent in money or any other form of payment other than the prize itself.
6.- The prize will be given only to winners who have a real Facebook profile with their own photo.
7.- In the event that a winner does not send the information required by Mexico Alimentaria Food Show within the term granted for it or does not present the day and time indicated for claiming his prize, he will lose any right to claim it, so You will not be able to make any subsequent request.
8.- The expenses incurred by the winners to claim their prize will be at their own expense.
9.- For no reason will the prize be sent for a courier service. The winning participant will have
They collect their prize in the indicated place in Mexico City personally.


1.- The participants will be responsible for all the information sent to the external profiles of the mechanics.
2.- All images, photos or videos that are published on the Fan Page in order to participate in the promotion, as well as those audios, videos or photographs by means of which the awarding of the prize to the winners or the Participation of the same and / or their companions (hereinafter the “Materials”) will be the property of Mexico Alimentaria Food Show, so it may use them in any medium and at any time, without paying any remuneration, so that all the people upload a photograph or video to the Fan Page to participate in the promotion and / or attend the event as companions of the winners, assign the rights of use of the Materials to the Mexico Alimentaria Food Show.
3.- At any time during the validity of the promotion, and even having selected the winners, if one, several or all of them do not meet the conditions of participation indicated in these Terms and Conditions, Mexico Alimentaria Food Show may cancel the participation of them.
5.- Participants must keep active the Facebook account they used to participate in the promotion from the beginning of the promotion period until the winners are announced.
6.- Under no circumstances will Mexico Alimentaria Food Show assume any responsibility after having given the prize of the promotion to the winners.
7.- Any act executed by the participants in compliance with these terms and conditions, will be understood as an express and irrevocable acceptance of them.
8.- Mexico Alimentaria Food Show reserves the right to modify totally or partially the Terms and Conditions of the promotion, as well as to interpret the provisions therein immersed, the decisions taken in this sense being final, as well as aspects not foreseen. in these Terms and Conditions. Any modification that occurs due to external causes not attributable to Mexico Alimentaria Food Show will be informed with due anticipation to the
general public, without giving rise to any claim or compensation.
9.- Any dispute arising from this instrument will be subject to the applicable laws and the jurisdiction of the competent courts of Mexico City, the parties waiving any other jurisdiction that, due to present or future domiciles, may correspond.