Fisheries and Acuaculture


The exceptional geographical location of our country allows us to enjoy a competitive fishing industry with high productive potential thanks to the more than 11,500 km2 of coastlines whose waters are home to the greatest amount of diversity on the continent.

By visiting the Fisheries and Aquaculture pavilion at the México Alimentaria 2017 Food Show, attendees will be able to marvel at the richness of our oceans, which make us the seventeenth largest fish producer worldwide.

In addition to traditional fishing, aquaculture is a practice with great productive potential. With more than 9,200 production units, we are leading producers of tilapia, shrimp, and trout.

To learn all about Mexico’s fisheries and aquaculture sector, a visit to this pavilion is a must. There, visitors will learn about fisheries regulations, policy issues, the importance of consumption, and strategic development of the sector.

Join us on this navigation through Mexico’s oceans like you’ve never seen them before.