Mexico Alimentaria Food Show 2017 benchmark of success.

Amigo Productor, the expo Mexico Alimentaria Food Show 2017 is the opportunity you hoped to grow your business.

Mexico Alimentaria Food Show, is the result of the effort made by the government in conjunction with agribusinesses and producers to boost the Mexican countryside, offers the opportunity to show the world the work that is done in the primary sector and throughout the agrifood chain, in such a way that it translates into a platform of growth and progress in the Secto

Through the new model that will be implemented for this year, the “Match Making” will become the perfect site where relationships between agro-entrepreneurs, producers, technology developers, investors and entrepreneurs are strengthened. the purpose of interacting as well as knowing the new campaigns that seek to boost agriculture, domestic and international trade and food, as well as direct business without brokers.

The expo will provide the opportunity to provide knowledge to the public attending conferences and exhibitions on the actions taken by the government and private sector in the situation of the Mexican countryside. Likewise, in the livestock area they will have the facility to acquire species that will enrich their production, as well as be trained with technology that will help them transform the field.

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