• 1200 business meetings
  • Generate sales estimated for 92,000,000 USD.

Thanks to ASERCA-SAGARPA in collaboration with ProMéxico, the support of Mexico Supreme Quality, Government of the State of Querétaro and the Academic Center for Development and Innovation of UAQ Products, the Querétaro Business Round was held on the 20th,

  • Estimated sales of more than 100 million dollars in the Queretaro Agrifood Business Roundtable.
  • Mexico, the second largest agri-food supplier in Canada

  The General Coordinator of the Agricultural Marketing and Development Services Agency (ASERCA), Manuel Pozo Cabrera and the Head of the Sector Development Unit

  • More than 60 thousand attendees are expected at the exhibition


  • They secure sales for more than 16 thousand MDPs for this edition

The General Coordinator of Promotion and Promotion of Exports, Manuel Pozo Cabrera, led the Press Conference for the promotion of “FOOD