Terms and Conditions

Of the person responsible and its foundation.

In the framework of the Program for a Close and Modern Government 2013-2018, y la 
National Digital Strategy
 of the Government of the Republic, the portal gob.mx (in the following gob.mx) is the unique portal of the Federal Government, based on the rights of access to information, technologies and access to the internet, freedom of expression and right to protection of private life and protection of data, mainly.

The Digital Government Unit of the Secretariat of Public Function, hereinafter UGD, makes you aware that the foundation for managing the portal gob.mx, is found in articles 6 and 16 of the second paragraph of 
Constitution of the United States Mexican
; as well as in article 37, section XXVI, in relation to the second transitory of the Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration ; 18, fractions I, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X and XIII of the Rules of Procedure of the Secretariat of Public Function, the Federal Law on Transparency and Access to Governmental Public Information, and the Personal Data Protection Guidelines.

Acceptance of terms of use of gob.mx.

The use of the portal gob.mx or any of its components, implies the express acceptance of the present“Terms and Conditions” and his Privacy Policy.

About the use of gob.mx.

They are obligations of the user:

  • Do not damage, disable or deteriorate the computer systems of the dependencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration and productive enterprises of the State, nor the contents incorporated and / or stored in them, including the portal gob.mx.
  • Not to modify in any way the systems of the Dependence or Entity of the Federal Public Administration.
  • Do not use versions of modified systems in order to obtain unauthorized access to any information system, content and / or portal services.
  • Do not interfere or interrupt access, functionality and use of the portal, servers or networks connected to it, or fail to comply with the requirements, procedures and regulations of the network connection policy.


By using the gob.mx portal you accept as a user that your experience is carried as follows:

  • The advanced electronic signature known as FIEL, which is issued by the Tax Administration Service – for these terms and conditions – will be referred to as the signature that will be applied when necessary.
  • To be able to use the gob.mx portal, in the cases that are required, users must have the certificate of the current Advanced Electronic Signature (e.firma) in force and in accordance with the provisions of the Advanced Electronic Signature Law, and should use it when required. Users accept the responsibility to provide their own and authentic information in Spanish language to request procedures and services through the gob.mx portal, unless legal provision allows information and documentation to be presented in a different language.
  • El trámite iniciado a través del portal gob.mx se substanciará y resolverá en cumplimiento del marco jurídico correspondiente, de forma electrónica, en las partes del procedimiento que la normatividad y/o las características específicas del trámite lo permitan, y bajo la responsabilidad de cada Dependencia o Entidad según corresponda.
  • Users assume any liability arising from misuse of their digital certificate of advanced electronic signature.
  • The transactions, services, transactions or movements that take place after the eighteen hours or on non-working days, will be considered realized on the next business day.


 Linking to and from gob.mx.

In the portal gob.mx there may be links to internet sites or government pages; however, these links are provided for informational purposes only, so the content or resources of those internet sites or governmental pages, or even the processing of data that is made therein, shall be the sole responsibility of the Unit or Entity that conforms to the law is responsible for the portal and the corresponding data processing.

The UGD disclaims any responsibility that may generate the user for any use inappropriate or contrary to the purposes of the gob.mx portal, including the exclusion of liability for any damage or damage that may arise from the use of them.


The Secretariat of Public Function will only be responsible for the processing and use of personal data that it collects directly through the gob.mx portal.

The dependencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration and productive companies of the State that according to the law are responsible for the process in question, will be responsible for the information published through the gob.mx portal in accordance with its own terms and conditions for the use of its institutional portal.

 Information security measures.

In the gob.mx portal we make every effort to test and test all stages of portal production, however, you must take your own precautions to ensure that during access to it, do not expose yourself to computer risks, computer viruses, malicious code or other forms of intervention that could damage your own computer equipment, your cell phone or mobile device.

We are not responsible for any failure to comply with these terms and conditions when said breach is due to circumstances beyond our control, fortuitous event or force majeure.

Intellectual property

The information on the gob.mx portal is public unless otherwise noted, in which case before reproducing it, you will have to observe if you have copyright and respect it in terms of the rules regarding copyright and industrial property. In addition, the user who reproduces or processes information contained in gob.mx should refer to the electronic location and date on which the information was consulted. The user undertakes to respect and safeguard the rights of third parties on the contents contained in the gob.mx portal, in terms of the applicable law, so that for its use, you must obtain the corresponding authorizations directly from the rights holders.

Personal data and other information such as requests or comments incorporated into the gob.mx portal may be used to carry out statistical reports to monitor the progress of the government, ensuring that your requests and suggestions will be addressed to improve the quality of care , or enable new procedures and services to make your life easier.

Updating of terms and conditions.

At any time these terms and conditions may change, so we ask you to check our website constantly.